Values and Key Strategic Principles

The key strategic alliance principles and values of the group are as follows:-

Mahi Ngatahi To work willingly and effectively together on all activities, initiatives related to the Kaupapa of Te Ara Whiriwhiri.
Whakahonore Te Tiriti O Waitangi To honour the spirit of the Te Tiriti O Waitangi which acknowledges the partnership between Māori and Pakeha.
Whanaungatanga To promote the coming together of Tangata Whaiora, providers and other key stakeholders under the Kaupapa of Te Ara Whiriwhiri, whilst acknowledging providers as individuals.
Whakamana To promote the full participation of providers, and other key stakeholders in the development and provision of Mental Health and Addiction services in their community.
Manaaki To support, embrace and assist all providers and key stakeholders that contribute to the Kaupapa of Te Ara Whiriwhiri and its activities.
Tikanga To promote the use of Te Reo, Tikanga, Kawa and all other forms of Māori expression within Te Ara Whiriwhiri where appropriate.