Key Functions

The following section outlines key functions of Te Ara Whiriwhiri.

  1. To identify the overall strategic direction for Māori Mental Health Development in Counties Manukau.
  2. To identify opportunities for provider development, increase service effectiveness and reduce resource duplication.
  3. To provide consistent and robust feedback regarding strategic issues affecting Māori Mental Health & Addictions in Counties Manukau, including issues related to mainstream provision of Mental Health and Addiction services to Māori.
  4. Input into Regional and National Mental Health and Addiction initiatives to ensure maximum benefit for Tangata Whaiora and their whanau in Counties Manukau.
  5. To develop and maintain a strong network and collaborative working relationship among providers, and other key stakeholders.
  6. To develop proposals and identify priorities for funding initiatives and projects that will enhance Māori Mental Health in Counties Manukau.