Flexi Fund

Project purpose

To develop and administer a flexi fund to actively support Māori tangata whaiora to connect with their culture and develop a positive cultural identity as Māori.

Project objectives

Administer a flexi fund of $25,000 that actively facilitates Māori tangata whaiora to connect and engage with their culture and identity in a positive way to improve mental health gains. The flexi fund will be managed through the following principles;

  • That the purchase fosters and encourages connection to the tangata whaiora’s marae, hapu and iwi
  • The purchase is intended to meet identified cultural need through a holistic cultural assessment undertaken by a suitably qualified cultural practitioner that links the mental health gains for the tangata whaiora.
  • The Tangata Whaiora has active involvement in decision making about the use of the flexi fund
  • The purchase is not a resource that is already funded and there is no other appropriate funding source available from within health or social services
  • Innovation and creativity in the application of the flexi fund to meet tangata whaiora’s self-identified need through the cultural assessment process is encouraged
  • Provide practical resources that enhance the opportunities for whanau ora as a model of wellbeing

The flexi fund will be evaluated in May 2014 to establish the contribution it has made to the well-being of the recipients to ascertain if it will be administered again as part of the 2014 – 2015 business plan.