About us

Mission Statement

To see Counties Manukau, develop into a community where Māori affected by Mental Health, have the ability to access effective Mental Health & Addiction Services, when, where and how they require them, which improves their health and wellbeing.

Our Kaupapa

The Kaupapa of Te Ara Whiriwhiri is to provide effective leadership within the Māori Mental Health and Addiction sector to guide the development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of services that better meet the wide range of needs of Māori living within Counties Manukau.

In line with this kaupapa the governance framework is determined by the Treaty of Waitangi Articles to ensure that article two is enacted. This requires that the Chair of Te Ara Whiriwhiri is from a Kaupapa Māori Provider to support the principle of rangatiratanga in practice.

Meaning of our name

The name Te Ara Whiriwhiri contains two main concepts:

  • Developing a pathway forward
  • And the drawing/binding together of resource.

In this context, the name signifies the intent of the group is to develop a pathway forward by drawing together people, services, ideas and potentially technology to address the challenges that face Tangata Whaiora and Māori Mental Health & Addictions providers. The name was given by local kaumatua, Eru Thompson.